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About Me


I am THE ASTONISHING HOUDANNY, a Nutrition Magician with a unique blend of magic and nutrition education. With over 50 years of experience, I started my professional journey at the age of 12 in 1973. As a member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), I am not only a master of magic but also a certified Nutritionist and registered Dietetic Technician. My passion for both fields shines through in my performances, where I combine mind-blowing illusions, hilarious jokes, and valuable health insights to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.

My magic show is unlike anything you’ve seen before. I have invented and created all of the effects, making them unique and distinct from standard magic tricks. My exceptional skill and dexterity bring forth breathtaking illusions that leave audiences in awe. Alongside the visual spectacle, I incorporate hilarious jokes and educate the audience on how they can improve their well-being and live longer.

I specialize in close-up magic, including mesmerizing card tricks and mind-bending mental telepathy effects. Each performance is tailored to suit any theme or age group, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable experience for all.

I take pride in my professional and customer-centric approach. I am punctual, cordial, patient, and considerate, ensuring that every interaction with me is pleasant and memorable. As an excellent communicator, I can adapt to any audience and make everyone feel included.

I offer competitive pricing for my exceptional services. The standard price for my performance is $150, and I will entertain you for as long as you need. Additionally, I provide a $50 discount for seniors, veterans, firefighters, and police officers as a token of my appreciation for their service.

My background as a science teacher influences many of my magic effects, incorporating scientific principles such as air pressure, center of gravity, cohesion, friction, and more. I also utilize everyday household objects like drinking glasses, straws, newspapers, and forks, adding familiarity and relatability to my performances.

My mission is to entertain and uplift audiences while inspiring them to take care of their most valuable possession—their own incredible body. I combine the showmanship of Houdini with the passion of Jack Lalanne to transmit a positive message and motivate children and adults to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I believe that my show will be the most entertaining and memorable experience you’ll ever witness in your lifetime.

The Astonishing HOUDANNY

The Nutrition Magician